Why Choose Us?

Having Hannibal Barca as one of our ancestors and knowing that we belong to the best and most powerful Carthaginian Civilization inspire us every day to produce the best quality going from the design to the material of our products while offering a good variety of products, colors, and prices. Our first goal of launching this first Carthaginian website is to revive this civilization that has been unfortunately oppressed and buried throughout the ages and make having products that symbolize it is easy and possible.

About Us

We are a Tunisian couple passionate about discovering the real Carthaginian history that has been unfortunately oppressed and buried by some Historians and generations. And because knowing the truth is powerful we took the initiative and decided to take advantage of our nowadays powerful technologies and share with all the proud and passionate Carthaginian History, Hannibal Barca, Cannae war and all the Punic Wars fans some great designs, so we can all revive the best History chapter of characters and events that changed the course of history.